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For Dogs Eyes Only

Don't take it from us, hear it directly from our four-legged clients!
Testimonials from our dogs to yours!

k9 review.jpg

Mayhem (Tracy D.)

”Mischief would come home from nose work and tell me about all the stuff she did, sniffing for smells and getting treats for finding the smells!! What?! I can do that too!! I sniff smells and I like treats! So I talked to my mom and the next thing I know I’m sniffing too!! I love it, I wiggle a lot when I see Roger, and I get to spend even more time with my mom!! It’s a family affair!!”

k9 review 2.jpg

Fritto (Brittney F.)

"Hey, I’m Frito! I do this cool thing with my mom that she calls “nosework” but I just call it finding goodies and getting even more when I do! It’s a great outlet for my cattle dog antics and involves my favorite thing ever, which is food, food, and more food! We go at my pace, which helps me build up my confidence to find stuff in new places. My mom is a dog trainer and says it helps me with my focus in other things, too! It’s a workout for my brain and my body, so I’m pooped by the end of class, which my mom really loves. I just can’t get enough. She says that one day I could even go to a “trial,” and although I don’t know what that is, if it’s with her and involves treats, I’m in! If you love using your nose to find cool stuff, you’ll love this nosework business! 1000/10 - would recommend!"

k9 review 3.png

Bowdie (Lina S.)

“I wuv to use to my nose...I get to search for all kinds of yummy smells and the TREATS are amaze balls! I get paid to play and it’s soooo much fun when I find it! I get to do it over and over again, then I’m just dog gone beat and need a doggy nap...only to bounce back to sniff another day.”

k9 review 4.jpg

Tuck (Renee V.)

"Nosework is my absolutely favorite time of the week. I get so excited to solve problems with my powerful nose and find all the delicious hidden treats. I’m new to nosework, so I’m still learning how to do everything properly but Roger’s a great teacher and I’ve already learned so much from him. I can’t wait to see how far my nose will take me!"

k9 review 5.jpg

Sofi (Christine C.)

"My name is Sofi and I’m a very energetic 3 year old Pomeranian! Nose work has taught me to use my mind more and has helped to mentally exhaust me making me tired and I can sleep easier at night now. Sniffing takes a lot out of you! Mommy and I have become so much closer because in this game mommy has to depend on me and completely trust me! Only I can find the scent and mommy has no clue where it’s at so she relies on me to alert her. Mommy has learned to communicate with me more and read me better which has made our bond stronger and makes us a great team!"

k9 review 6.jpeg

Lois Lane (Marianne & David)

“I’m still growing up and learning all sorts of things, but one thing I know for sure is that I LOOOVE nose work! When I hear those sweet words, “find it!” I know it’s time to have some fun. My favorite part - I don’t have to worry about silly things like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ when I’m at nose work. The teacher tells me I’m a wild one, and I can’t be sure, but I think the wilder I am on a search, the more ‘good girls’ I get! The best part: I have *amazing* puppy dreams after every class because I’m TUCKERED OUT!”

k9 review 7.jpg

Chico (Rick R.)

"Treats, praise and cool toys to play with! I wish I could go every night."

k9 review 8.jpg

Safie (Wendy T.)

"Having fun watching Brie carry on the Nosework tradition. I know she is having as much fun as I did. What dog wouldn't?"

k9 review 9.jpg

Chester (Audrey R.)

“Sniffing is one of my favorite things and Nose Work makes me HAPPY! Let’s Go!”

k9 review 10.jpg

Boy (Bailey Q.)

Bailey’s Boy: "I love nosework so much! I get to play my favorite game of "search for yummy treats" and I get to hang out with my new friends! Roger even calls me Wild Child, but I'm learning to focus on the challenge and find my treats faster and faster, I hope my mom never stops bringing me!" Boy’s Mom: “I look forward to nosework with my dog, Boy, every week! He absolutely loves it and I have fun doing it with him and learning more about the sport. I feel more proud with each week as he gets better and better. I really enjoy learning from Roger and look forward to hopefully competing in the future”!

k9 review 11.jpg

Missy (Tracy D.)

“ Nose work is my special time for me with my mom! I don’t have to share her with sister, I get bunches of treats, and although I am exhausted when we are done, I love telling sister about everything I did when we get home! It’s my job and I LOVE IT!” I love it cause Missy is finally starting to think for herself even when sister is around and it is just a joy to watch her do the nose work and know that she’s having fun!!

k9 review 12.jpg

Rodeo (Christine C.)

"My name is Rodeo and I’m a 6 year old Pomeranian. Before nose work I was afraid to work away from my mom and didn’t like new things or environments. Now I have a lot more confidence to be independent and am able to approach new things using my nose to investigate situations. Although I’m still nervous at times, I’m more optimistic in new places and can calm myself quicker. I used to be very anxious and barked at other dogs to let them know to stay away from me and give me my space, but now I can tolerate them being around me (socially distanced of course!) because I have a job to do and don’t have time to focus on them anymore."

k9 review 13.jpeg

Sadie (Amanda H.)

"My favorite day of the week is Tuesday because I get to go to Nose Work! I get to run around and find my favorite cookies. I try my best to be patient and wait my turn but sometimes it is so hard because nose work in my favorite game! I wish I could go every day!"

k9 review 14.jpg
k9 review15.jpg

Asha (Hedi S.)

Birdy AKA Ladybird (Susan Z.)

“As soon as I know the car is heading to Nose Work, I begin barking VERY LOUDLY to let Heidi know she should go faster. I love the search, and the treats I get paid aren’t bad either.”

"Roger's workshop is so much fun, every one of my 300,000 million scent receptors are dancing with delight. Roger's workshop is the only place I can stick my nose everywhere and then get rewarded!"

k9 review 16.jpg

Maddy (Kathy D.)

"4 paws up for Roger's Nose Work class."

k9 review 17.jpg

Luna (Roxanne W.)

"I love to search high and low to find all the treats! It's the best part of my week!"

k9 review 18.jpg

Belle (John D.)

"Treats Treats Treats, so much fun to find treats/scents with my Dad."

k9 review 19.jpg

Maggie (Bob O.)

“I am a member of the sporting group and love to use my nose to find anything. I have a great time doing Nose Work. I get to do what I do best (use my nose and find things). I get to do all this while having a great time with my owner and best friend!"

k9 review 20.jpeg

Tucker (Roger L.)

"My dad found the most fun class I have ever taken.  All I need to do is use my nose to find hidden odor & I get treats. I am a natural at using my nose.  This is the easiest and most fun any dog could ever have."

k9 review 21.jpg

Brie (Wendy T.)

"My nose is happiest when I am doing Nose Work. Finding hides and getting treats makes me howl with joy!"

Buddy (Sally G.)

“Best game ever, I get to go fast, and I don’t need manners!”

Bruiser (Marianne P. & David L.)

"They say old dogs cant learn new tricks. Well, I started Nose Work at the wise age of 9, and learned so many new skills while having the time of my life! I mean, they tell me I'm a winner as I find all the hidden treats.. what could be better?!"

Levi (Katherine K.)

"I love using my nose to solve puzzles! Mum likes that I get to zoom around! I always come home tired"

Bella (Ruth M.)

“I wasn’t too sure about nose work in the beginning, but I’m cautious about most new experiences. Thanks to nose work I’m more self confident and interested in things other than squirrels. My mom is happy about that too! Oh, and Roger has THE BEST treats”!!

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