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Intro To Nose Sports 1

There is a new rapidly growing sport called Nose Work or Scent Work. This 4-week class will follow NACSW’s training philosophy.

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Intro To Nose Work 1 includes (4) 60-minute sessions. The objective is to introduce dogs and their owners to this new fun sport. The focus on all of our Nose Work classes will be for the dog and owner/handler to have fun.  Intro, as well as the following classes, are well suited for all dogs with the exception of human aggressive dogs.  The sport will strengthen the bond between dog and owner and build the dog’s confidence, especially the fearful dogs.  



This class teaches the foundation skills necessary to progress with this sport, for mere enjoyment or for competition.  Intro to Nose Work will enable your dog to discover and enhance his/her natural hunt drive while having fun. This class may be repeated before advancing to Nose Work 2  Odor & Elements. All classes can be repeated as many times as desired by the student.

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