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Nose Work 2 
Odor & Elements

This class builds upon the foundation skills learned in Level 1 and focuses on skill building while searching for a particular odor. This 4-week class will follow NACSW’s training philosophy.

K9 Nose Sport picture 2.jpg

The four target odors are all essential oils: birch, anise, clove for NACSW and additionally cypress for AKC trials. We teach dogs to search for the birch odor first; and to develop “odor obedience” while the handlers will learn some techniques for supporting their dogs in the search. While the dog learns to obey his/her nose the handler will develop a keen ability to read the dog.


The difficulty will continue to increase at whatever rate is appropriate for the dog to keep them challenged and excited to be hunting. We prepare the teams to be successful in a NACSW – ORT, (National Association of Canine Scent Work – Odor Recognition Test). There are separate tests for each of the 3 NACSW odors.


There will be an introduction to all the elements: Container, Interior, Exterior, Vehicles and Buried. These are the elements used in a Trial competition and they require problem-solving skills for the dogs and team communication The class prepares teams for the level 3 class and sets the foundation for trialing in different venues.

 Prerequisite: To have completed Level 1 or instructor approval. All classes can be repeated as many times as desired by the student.

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