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Nose Work 3
Trail Preparation

This class is for dogs who have passed an ORT or have completed the Level 2 class and have shown proficiency in finding the birch , the first trained target odor. This 4-week class will follow NACSW’s training philosophy.

K9 Nose Sport picture 6.jpg

We will introduce the remaining target odors (anise, clove & cypress) according to the team goals and skills. There will be a focus on fine-tuning the handler’s abilities while increasing the difficulty in all the elements of competition: containers, interiors, exteriors, vehicles and buried. We will begin to search larger areas with distractions and more difficult hide placements.



For the students wanting to compete we will focus on getting ready to be successful in various venues. Other students may choose to not compete, but to continue to enjoy the Nose Work process with their best friend.

 Prerequisite: To have completed Nose Work 2 -odor & Elements or instructor approval. All classes can be repeated as many times as desired by the student.

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